Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Solar Watches - Who needs a Battery!

Solar energy is the sun’s radiation reaching the earth. solar watches use this natural solar energy for the quartz movement. These watches are designed in such a way that it can be powered through not only solar energy, but also through any kind of light. These watches require no kind of battery for their intended function.

The ordinary battery powered watches need a suitable battery disposal method. Still we can say that they will not affect the surroundings by means of land pollution. But whereas solar watches are eco friendly, so they are harmless to the environment in any way. These are charged from any source of light.

They are developed in such a way that they can store the solar energy and use it whenever it requires. This amazing feature makes it so popular. It can run continuously for up to 180 days if it has been fully charged. The accuracy is the same as that of the quartz watch.

Some solar watches have batteries too. If solar or light source is no more available, then these watches continue their function by their battery resource. These dual powered watches adopt themselves depending on the situation.

Are You Looking For Lifetime Warranty?

These are high quality watches when compared with other battery-powered watches. It costs you less when compared to other varieties. Further, it eliminates the need for battery change and other repair activities giving you lifetime warranty.

Seiko and Casio are very popular brands for solar watches. For example, Seiko Solar watch is a top selling product costing you around $200. Casio has recently released ?G-Shock Men?s Gold Color Atomic solar Metal Band Watch? which cost you around $170. You also have other companies like Citizen, Bulova, and Orient which make these watches at extremely competitive prices

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