Thursday, February 19, 2009

Digital Watches - provide an exact readout of the time in hours and minutes

Most of the watches that are commonly available in the market are digital watches. These are made from piezoelectric crystal, usually quartz, which is used as an oscillator. Digital watch faces provide an exact readout of the time in hours and minutes. Digital watches will have extra features like:
· Depth sensors,
· Global Positioning System (GPS)
· Altimeters,
· Phone books,
· Calculators.
The power source required to produce the watch movements are
· Solar Powered
· Battery Quartz
· Battery
Solar powered:
This is one of the most effective power sources to run a watch. Since we use natural power sources, environment degradation is controlled to a greater extent. This means that we are effectively using the available resource. Some of the solar watches available are:
· Atomic solar shock watch
· Solar sports watch
Atomic solar shock watches combine the features of both atomic time keeping and tough solar power. Solar sports watches are designed for players and athletes. It is the combination of features like tough solar powered battery and auto LED light with afterglow. Its alarm features helps the player to keep track of their game.
Battery quartz watches:
These watches give you lifetime superior time keeping. You can enjoy the up to date seconds keeping facility through these quartz digital watches.
Battery powered watches:
These make use of disposable batteries for their functions. Haven’t you tried these digital data bank watches? You know these have recently come to the market and are extremely stunning. You can enjoy all the facilities in these types as you have in calculator. You have different varieties like 3-page databanks, 30-page databanks and many more.

Some of the well known brands that are specialists in the manufacture of watches are:
· Casio
· Timex
· Nike
· Seiko
· Nixon
· Citizen
· Fossil
Casio watches are well known for their name and trust. These atomic shock watches are available in the price range of $90 - $130. Sports watches are available from $30 - $250. Whereas these wonderful quartz watches can cost you around $50.

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