Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chronograph - ideal combination of beauty and duty

These are used to measure different times at different places. They are very similar to stop watches. These types of watches are preferred by sports people and military people. They can effectively manage the time through these chronographs.

Today, chronograph watches have become so popular that you can wear them as a matter of choice and aesthetics, rather than being professional. The chronograph is trendy and it?s ideal to make a fashion statement. They are the ideal combination of beauty and duty. Despite their good looks, they are not just meant to be a mere ornament. They have excellent features too.

These watches are found to be the exciting choice for:
· Astronauts
Racing car drivers
Engineers for calculation
Naval officers and lots and lots of common people too.

The Evolution And Uses Of Chronograph Watches

Earlier, the chronograph watches worked on the following basis. The second hand used to be the normal one, until the knob was pushed. The hand jumped to 12, and it stayed there until the button was released. As soon as the button was released, the hand resumed its normal function. This made the watch a stopwatch: with the other button, the second hand was stopped for a short period.

In 1969, Zenith and Movado introduced Chronomat and El Primero; the first watches of that kind. Both of them had balance wheels that made around 19,000 and 36,000 beats per hour respectively. They were the pinnacle of exact time measurements.

Today, the technology has improved so much that these watches are used for Formula 1 race cars. These can even measure split seconds accurately. So, like everything else, these watches have evolved with time and have become the best in this field.

There are also chronographs that have displays for day, date and moon phase indications. There are various famous branded chronographs available in the market.

A dazzling watch like the Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph will cost you around $1800 and it’s worth buying. It is accurate, extremely user friendly, and terrific to look at.

You also have low priced chronographs from companies like Seiko which could cost you around $300. The Seiko Chronograph Flight Model is one such model which comes at around $250.

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