Saturday, February 7, 2009

Calender Watches - no more confusion about the dates and days

Ever since the advent of watches, technology has made a huge impact on them with new features added almost every day. Some of these special features are Calenders , chronographs, stop clocks, magnetic compass, and lots of other things. Calendar watches are considered to be one of the most used and useful watches.

Calendar watches come with lots of features. First of all, no more confusion about the dates and days. The ultimate aim of any technology is to make things easier for you. So, calendars are brought to your wrists. No more searches, no more hassle, you can just check out your watch for time, date, day, and lots more.

The difference between ordinary calendar watches and the perpetual ones is that you have to change the date and day in the old watches, in case of a leap year, or in the month of February. These watches often show you a date like 30th of February. But perpetual calendars are automatic, and you don?t have to change them.

Benefits Of Perpetual Calendar Watches
· Automatically adjust for odd or even months.
· Automatically adjust for leap years.
· Work accurately for 100 years.
· Extremely low time loss for years and years.

There are lots and lots of varieties in calendar watches. All the leading companies in the world supply this with some of their watches.

The Citizen Eco-Drive comes with a rpetual calendar, chronograph, dual time, alarm, and lots of other things. The perpetual calendar automatically adjusts itself for over 100 years. The price comes around $475.

The new Coutoura watch from Seiko has been a rage in the market for quite some time. It has all the features of a perpetual calendar, and it puts itself in sleep mode after 24 hours of inactivity for a period of up to 4 years. Once it?s revived, it will adjust to the right time. This incredible feature makes this watch a must-buy. It comes around $695.

Yes Inca and Yes Zulu watches are probably the most innovative watches in the world. They come with some incredible features. It completes a full circle everyday in harmony with the sun. It has been programmed with the times of 583 cities worldwide. Impressed? Well there?s more? it has equinox and solstice alerts which always keep you on guard. This is one heck of a watch and it comes at around $745.

There are lots of other companies producing perpetual Calenders and many more features, which make your watches even more special.

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