Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Make A Watch Fob

The fixtures for the watch fob shown --half size-- may be made of either brass, copper, or silver. Silver is the most desirable but, of course, the most expensive. The buckle is to be purchased. The connection is to be of leather of a color to harmonize with that of the fixtures. The body of the fob may be of leather of suitable color or of silk. Of the leathers, green and browns are the most popular, though almost any color may be obtained.
Make full size drawings of the outline and design of the fixtures. With carbon paper trace these on the metal. Pierce the metal of the parts that are to be removed with a small hand drill to make a place for the leather or silk. With a small metal saw cut out these parts and smooth up the edges, rounding them slightly so they will not cut the leather or silk. Next cut out the outlines with the metal shears. File these edges, rounding and smoothing with emery paper. The best way of handling the decorative design is to etch it and, if copper or brass, treat it with color.

For etching, first cover the metal with black asphaltum varnish, on the back and all the parts that are not to be touched with the acid. In the design shown, the unshaded parts should not be etched and should, therefore, be covered the same as the back. Apply two coats, allowing each time to dry, after which immerse the metal in a solution prepared as follows: 3 parts water, 1 part nitric acid, 1 part sulphuric acid. Allow the metal to remain in this until the acid has eaten to a depth of 1/32 in., then remove it and clean in a turpentine bath, using a swab and an old stiff brush. The amount of time required to do the etching will depend upon the strength of the liquid, as well as the depth of etching desired.

Watch Fob

For coloring silver, as well as brass and copper, cover the metal with a solution of the following: 1/2 pt. of water in which dissolve, after breaking up, five cents worth of sulphureted potassium. Put a teaspoonful of this into a tin with 2 qt. of water. Polish a piece of scrap metal and dip it in the solution. If it colors the metal red, it has the correct strength. Drying will cause this to change to purple. Rub off the highlights, leaving them the natural color of the metal and apply a coat of banana-oil lacquer.

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