Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time for Everyone

From expensive luxury to the Swatch miracle
The first and simplest solution was the sundial, which had the advantages of being cheap and easy to make and use,such as Rolex Daytona replica,Breitling replica,U-Boat replica,Bell&Ross replica,Patek Philippe replica and Omega replicas.Later came other simple time-measurement devices such as water clocks, sand clocks and candles marked with hour-long segments. Whereas these came to Europe mainly from Asia or the Arab world, the much more precise mechanical clock is seen as an entirely European invention. This kind of clock hinged on the invention of what was known as the foliot - a crown escapement with a balance arm driven by weights. Today's experts and historians basically agree that this invention became widely known at the end of the 13th or the start of the 14th century. It came about thanks to two factors, improved methods of metalworking and the growth of towns, whose inhabitants no longer wanted to set their time solely by the sunrise and sunset, which varied according to the season.
The first European precision instrument exported to Asia was a clock
The first mechanical clocks were mostly made by blacksmiths, locksmiths or cannon-makers, who had the necessary experience in working with metal. These artisans were mainly to be found in the Netherlands, Italy and France. It is therefore no surprise that the first precision instrument exported to Asia from Europe was a clock. It was recorded as early as 1338 in the freight documents of a Venetian ship bound for Delhi.
Luxury for a select few from a single craftsman
In those days, and throughout the years until early this century, a clock was usually the achievement of a single individual. During the 17th century, metalworkers specialized in clock manufacturing organized themselves into guilds. This gave rise to clock-making centers in Augsburg, Nuremberg, the French towns of Blois and Lyon and, later on, Paris, London and Geneva. At first they produced large-scale public clocks such as the one at Cluny Monastery or the famous astronomical clock at Strasbourg Cathedral. Later on came the spring-driven, more transportable clocks invented in the 15th century, followed by the first precision pendulum clocks dating from around 1660. But these could only be afforded by the nobility, rich middle classes or clergy. The same was true of the expensive early pocket watches, whose invention is ascribed to the Nuremberg master craftsman Peter Henlein in 1554 - though other historians believe that pocket watches already existed in the early 16th century. As a result, it was the demand from royal courts, nobility and prosperous burghers that determined where clocks and watches were produced.
Guilds allowed innovation and new production methods
During the second half of the 16th century, political unrest and religious conflict interrupted the development of the emerging watchmaking industry. This was compounded by the restrictive rules set by the guilds of the time. Their decrees and quality controls were intended to promote competition, but they soon proved to be an obstacle to innovation. In many cases, master craftsmen were not allowed to employ more than two apprentices, and the use of new techniques was frowned upon. New product development was hampered by the guilds' strict rules of conduct. This applied to makers of both clocks and watches.
With the decline of the guilds in the 18th and 19th centuries, things became more relaxed. The new-style guilds which emerged in the second half of the 19th century continued to insist on strict quality, but they were tolerant of innovation and new production methods.
Nevertheless, until well into the second half of the 20th century, clocks were still an expensive luxury: The more perfect and reliable the mechanism, the more they cost. One example is the famous 'confirmation clock'. This would be presented to a young adult or school-leaver, with an injunction to take good care of it, because it was intended to outlive its owner and be passed to his or her heirs.
Japan launches first mass-produced quartz clocks
There were few changes until the invention of the quartz clock, which became a model for Japanese manufacturing strategy during the post-war period. Products made elsewhere were taken apart and analyzed with a view to marketing mass-produced items at low prices. Quartz clocks were also made in Switzerland, but each factory made all the required parts - some 150 to 180 of them - themselves, right down to screws and gear wheels. As a result, it was only possible to produce short runs. The decline of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the only sector of the old mediaeval industry which still had international importance, was a foregone conclusion.
The Swatch miracle
At the beginning of the 1980s, malicious tongues in Switzerland said that the creditor banks of the loss-making ASUAG and SSIH watchmaking companies, which had swallowed countless top brands, had taken on the business consultant Nicolas Hayek as a 'hatchet man'. They said his job was to wind up the business as smoothly as pos-sible. Instead, the Lebanese-born son of an American dentist brought off a minor miracle. He helped Ernst Thomke - who was responsible for the movement blank division at the ASUAG-SSIH subsidiary Eta - to realize his idea of a 'watch for everyone'. This product later became famous under the brand name Swatch.Today, Swatch stands for several things: Innovation, simplicity, cooperation, design, marketing and modernity.
Through cooperation to watches for everyone
Thomke and Hayek made sure that all the ASUAG-SSIH company's efforts were directed towards realizing the new concept. The firm was soon renamed SMH, and has been operating as The Swatch AG since 1998. Instead of 90 to 150 different parts, a Swatch consists of only 54, which are supplied by various departments within the company. The fully automatic production and low production costs (between $5 and $6) also made it possible to manufacture limited series profitably. In cooperation with international artists, a Milan-based design studio sees to it that a new collection of brightly-colored watches is brought to the market twice a year. And they're much more than simply timepieces - they're a lifestyle statement, a fashion accessory (costing from $40), or even a covetable collector's item, often fetching top prices.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

How to Make a Watch Wave

A waving watch is constructed much like the way you probably constructed paper puppets when you were in grade school.
You find a nice picture, lop off the arm, and position it to pivot in waving fashion with a tiny fastener. Ordinary watches just have to move their hands around the face of the clock. A waving watch needs a hefty enough mechanism to keep a third arm waving as the other two travel the clock face.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dive Watch Repair

Dive watch repair can be a tricky proposition. If you have one of the cheap dive watches and it needs to be repaired, you are probably better off just throwing it out and buying a new one. It's not worth the time and money to have it repaired.So if you think this will give you some troubles,you can look into the ordinary replica watches,such as Rolex Daytona replica,Rolex Datejust replica,Rolex Yacht-Master replica,Breitling replica,U-Boat replica,Bell&Ross replica,Patek Philippe replica and Omega replicas.
If you have a good quality scuba dive watch that needs to be repaired, such as needing a battery replacement, it can be tempting to do it yourself. After all, don't you just need a screwdriver, a battery and rubber gasket (possibly)?
Well, yes. But if you do it yourself, you run the risk of voiding the warranty.
So if you change it yourself and the watch later floods, you are out of luck. So check your warranty information carefully before you attempt to do anything yourself or have someone other than the manufacturer/authorized dealer do the work.
If the manufacturer changes the batteries or does any other dive watch repair, they will normally retest the watch and certify that it is still water resistant to whatever level applies.
This is not to say that a qualified watch repair shop can't do the job. I used to live in NYC and a friend of mine took her dive watch to be repaired to this little old repair shop nearby. Everything was fine. It's your decision but at least it will be an informed one.
From time to time you may notice condensation on your dive watch face and wonder if it needs to be repaired.
According to Citizen watch, if it goes away after a short period of time it is nothing to worry about. This is a normal occurrence and is caused by sudden temperature changes (ie, going into a cool building when it is hot outdoors).
However, if the condensation does not go away after a short period, you should have it inspected.
So the long and short of dive watch repair - if it's a good dive watch, you'll probably want the manufacturer/authorized dealer to handle it if you don't want to void the warranty. A cheap dive watch? Probably not worth the bother. Looking into the replica watches,such as Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches,you wont get so much troubles.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patek Philippe Luxury Swiss Watches Full Guide

Who Are Patek Philippe?
Patek Philippe is probably the best known high-end luxury Swiss watchmaker today. The name has become a synonym to elite time keeping – owing its fame as much to the manufacture and actual quality as to the well thought-out marketing campaigns, which focus on the perceived value. A prestigious member of the exclusive club of traditional Swiss watchmakers, Patek Philippe was established in 1839, to be purchased a century later by Stern family, which still owns the company in 2009. There is no quick way to describe Patek Philippe: the scope of tradition, the technological innovations, and the company's place in the history of horology don't lend themselves to a brief summary.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common luxury watch questions

How do I check the quality of watches for sale online?
Carefully check the product description for any watch that you see online. The description should list the brand name and model number, the movement type and the materials for the case and the bracelet or strap. Also, look for details on the extra functions a watch may have and for the measurements.For example,you can put your eyes on the replica watches online,such as Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches.
How do I care for my luxury watches?
You'll want to protect your investment after spending a lot of money for a beautiful watch. Some preventive maintenance will keep your luxury watches in like-new condition for many years.
Have mechanical and automatic movements fine-tuned every three to four years by a watch professional.
Always have a professional change the battery of a quartz watch.
Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean metal watch cases and bracelets.
Have a diamond watch cleaned by a jeweler or watch dealer if the stones become dull.
Avoid getting leather straps wet; moisture can damage the appearance of the strap.
If a leather or fabric strap becomes damp, let it air dry before returning the watch to its box.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DKNY Watch

Classic Wearability
In the fashion world the name Donna Karen is synonymous with timeless elegance. Once employed by the legenday Anne Klein, Donna Karen has carved a niche in the world of fashionable clothes and accessories. Her DKNY line of watches continues this trend by crafting timepieces that are sleek, functional, reliable and can make a statement. Born to a model, and always at home in a world where form and function go hand in hand, Donna Karen's DKNY line of watches offer versatility, variety,and quality in an amazing array of choices. Also you can look into the replica watches in the market,you can have more good choices,such as Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches.
In a New York State of Time
Just like New York City offers choices for everyone, so does the DKNY line of watches. You want beauty, you want quality, and you want a name that represents the best in American fashion. You want a watch from the DKNY line. Ladies will fall in love with every watch in the Crystal Collection. The delicate features make each of these DKNY watches very pleasing to the eye, on and off the wrist.
You can choose from a variety of band styles and materials. Want something of the tandem variety? The Couples Collection offers matching his and her timepieces. For the businessman or woman who needs to look their absolute best, clients and colleagues alike will certainly take a shine to any watch from the Abstract Collection. For someone a bit more on the technical side, a Chronograph is a good choice.
DKNY: Watches that fit Your Life
Adventuresome types should scope out the Active pieces, which include DKNY watches that can go the distance underwater, to 160 feet. This bodes well for anyone who has a swimming pool. Many watches from DKNY are designed with a metrosexual look meaning that they are very sleek and suave for both men and women.
There is something for every member of your family. You are going to pay a little more than you would for the $10.00 beauties you find in most trinket stores, although you are still getting to keep that arm and leg. What you get in return is a beautiful watch, and assurance that you have invested in something that will not break down in a few months.
The Watch of a Lifetime, a Watch for a Lifetime
DKNY watches give you piece of mind. While these reliable timepieces are covered by a warranty, the real assurance is knowing that your watche has been designed by a company with a reputation for quality. Your DKNY watch will guarantee that your arrive promptly to your important dates, are appropriately attired for any occassion, and that you have invested in a reputable company with a history of surpassing exprectations. DKNY watches provide elagance and comfort for a small investment in yourself.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Silver Jewelry

Perhaps the most popular choice for jewelry is silver. All around are people, men and women alike, adorned with silver jewelry accessories, which are relatively of low cost compared with other jewelry pieces made of other precious metals, particularly gold and platinum. Many people like silver because it is not only affordable but also has a classy appeal, thanks to its attractive shimmer and brilliant sheen. Because there are so many businesses involved in selling silver items, it is best to arm yourself with a handful of tips on what to look for when shopping for silver. Also you can choose the replica watches,such as Rolex replica,Richard Mille replica,Hublot replica,Porsche Desigh replica,Zenith replica and Ferrari replica watches.
Compared to items made of gold or platinum, silver offers a much wider range of options. There are silver ornamental or decorative items for the home and the office, such as picture frames, mirrors, main furniture pieces, desktop accessories, kitchenware, and bathroom fixtures. There are silver finishing touches in some technological gadgets, such as cellular phones and iPods. And there are silver fashion accessories in the form of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets, among many others. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it is highly recommended that you shop around before settling on and purchasing an item. This way, you can check which stores have the best quality and the most affordable prices as far as silver jewelry is concerned.
Know Your Markings
If you don't know which type of silver to look for, you might end up buying the wrong stuff - stuff that will make your turn green some time after contact and exposure or stuff that will make you itch. Most people don't know this, but jewelry made entirely of silver does not exist. This is because silver is such a soft metal that using it in its original and pure form will only result in pieces that will break, melt, or crumble easily. To make silver sturdier and more durable, other metal alloys are usually mixed with it. The best pieces that are allowed to be called silver jewelry are those made of sterling silver, which has a purity of 92.5% or, in other words, contains 92.5 grams of pure silver in every 100 grams. This is the highest quality of silver in the market, and commercial sterling silver pieces are usually marked with the number "925" for easy recognition.
Affordable Handmade Jewelry
Another thing you should know when buying silver is that silver jewelry may either be made by hand or by machine. Naturally, hand-made silver pieces are priced much higher than their machine-made counterparts because more value is placed on the works of human hands. Moreover, hand-made silver pieces are usually individually unique, while machine-made silver pieces are often mass-produced and unoriginal. If you take pride in wearing one-of-a-kind jewelry, go for hand-made silver items.
Your silver jewelry pieces need attention and care because they are sure to tarnish after a while. This is normal even in pieces made of sterling silver because the alloys mixed with the silver are bound to react with the air, causing the surface to show tarnishing deposits. Maintenance is key to keeping the shimmer and sheen of silver, so polish your pieces from time to time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Boccia Titanium Watches

All components of the Boccia collection of watches is made of pure titanium,in the market,some of other watches are also made of titanium,such as the Rolex replica watches and Omega replica watches.
Hypoallergenic and nickel-free metal , 30 % stronger and 50% lighter than steel, and up to 5 times as expensive. Titanium is perspiration and corrosion resistant, especially salt water, which makes it well suited for diver's watches. The Boccia watch line is the only all titanium watch line in the world. It makes this impressive range of jewellery and watches pleasant to wear and friendly to the skin even if you suffer from nickel or steel allergy.
Boccia titanium women and men watches:
1-Are designed by a top team of Europeans designer from Italy, Spain, Denmark,..
2-Use top of the range Japanese quartz movements or Swiss when indicated. Straps are made of leather or titanium as appropriate.
3-Are water resistant to a minimum depth of 3 bar or 30 meters. The resistance is indicated at the back of the watch. Sports watches and chronographs are water resistant to a minimum depth of 10 Bar.
4-Use mineral glass except the Outside range which use sapphire glass.
5-Carry a two-year Boccia Watch International Guarantee and each watch come complete with Boccia presentation gift case. (Boccia" has a soft "cc" and is pronounced "Boshia")
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum has become one of the most-coveted metal ingredient for jewelry-making. Also,it is widely used in the replica watch market,nowadays,you can often see the platinum Rolex replica watches,Richard Mille replica watches,Porsche Design replicas,Zenith replica watches and Ferrari replicas. Jewelry aficionados and fashion experts understand the value of platinum and regard platinum jewelry as a classic must-have. Some people may not know this, but the recognition and affection that platinum enjoys today is far from the reception it received many years ago when its role as a jewelry component -- a main one at that -- was unthinkable and just absurd. Indeed, it took decades -- nay, centuries -- before platinum jewelry became the success it is now.
Where the Name Platinum Comes From
Platinum got its name from the Spaniards, who called it "platina" or little silver - a derogatory reference to its resemblance to the shiny metal. What the Spaniards didn't know then is that platinum has a number of exceptional properties that qualifies it as the perfect material for making jewelry. These properties include incomparable hardness, high melting point, heavy weight, and notable ductility - the very traits responsible for platinum's long absence in the jewelry-making industry.
When Did Platinum Start Getting Used?
Early use of platinum dates back to the existence of the ancient Egyptian civilization. An archaeological dig in Egypt found a casket made of platinum, apart from other metals; this appearance was ignored and considered only accidental, however, due to the fact that small amounts of platinum were also noted to be present in things that contained native gold. In Ecuador, platinum was also reported to have been used by the pre-Colombian Incas; probe into the metal's qualifications for making jewelry and other artistic purposes was never realized due to the mysterious disappearance of the Incas. purportedly highly advanced fabricating techniques at the time the Spanish Conquistadores reached their shores.
Because the Spaniards didn't think much of platinum, thanks primarily to its resistance to melting and forging, the Spanish government ordered its banishment from import activities. One way or another, however, platinum made its way to other parts of Europe, albeit as contraband. It was clear platinum was not going to become obsolete, making its way all around the globe. In the 18th century, the metal caught the attention and interest of scientists, who decided that platinum was not an alloy of iron and gold, as earlier thought. Finally, research showed how platinum was in fact malleable, extremely ductile, resistant to acidic contact and heat could be melted through the adding of tiny amounts of arsenic, and could be made into very fine sheets or wire. Soon enough, platinum was used to make sugar bowls and coffeepots - and the early 19th century saw the birth of platinum jewelry in the form of decorative chains, shirt studs, and cuff links.
Jewelry For Generations
Platinum jewelry has been considered to be lifetime pieces - items that will not wear down with the passage of time. There are so many things that platinum has use for in terms of jewelry design, including being a better alternative for silver in settings for pearls, diamonds, and other precious metals, and pure platinum settings continue to dominate elite jewelry collections. Demand for platinum jewerly - especially for pieces that contain 950 parts per thousand of pure platinum - has not slowed down and is in fact rising every year, so you can count on platinum to stay for many more years to come.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inexpensive Women's Watches - How to Choose them?

Women watches are an extension of a girl's identity and they serve dual purposes in that they are not only time pieces but also a fashion accessory. It has been said that most females typically own at least 4 watches. One sports watch, a couple of watches for day, and a more expensive and unusual watch for formal occasions
How to select a watch?
There are several factors to consider before purchasing your watch.
Purpose of watch:
Do you want a watch for the gym and the beach? In this case a water resistant, more practical sports watch with a sweat proof band is called for. You may also want a second hand for checking your pulse, or a stop watch for timing yourself. A second hand and minutes are immensely practical for the sports watch.
When selecting a day watch, consider what type of band you will need and whether or not the watch should be waterproof. Would you like a metallic band or leather strap? Should the strap be colored? Should the dial be colored? Do you want Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, or strokes or dots to represent the hours and minutes?
When selecting a day watch take a minute to consider what your favorite colors are and what colors you need the watch to match with. The most neutral straps are the metallics and possibly the black leather strap. Colored straps are great for adding a splash of complementary or contrasting color to your outfit.
Evening, or more formal watches, give a woman the opportunity to really lash out. Elegant, traditional, groovy, up to the minute, there are many styles for the evening to select from. Watches with jeweled bands and faces can make excellent selections for the dressed up occasion. If you prefer your outfit to shine through, choose a more demure watch. This can be achieved by selecting a smaller or sleeker style, or selecting a black or metallic style that will match the rest of your outfit perfectly.
Cost of Watch:
The amount of money you want to spend on your wrist watch will obviously determine what you will purchase. However, with watch prices starting as low as $19.90 for smart day watches, there is really no reason to not be satisfied. You will find that whatever your budget, you will be spoiled for choice. Should you spend all of your budget on the one watch or perhaps buy two watches for the price of one? This is a great way to extend the fashion accessory section of your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
We all don't feel like wearing the same watch every day. While one watch may look fantastic with the black clothes, you may want another look for your denims. The great advantage with current watch prices is that a girl can afford to have as many watches as she wants.
A great ladies watch is much less expensive than a pair of shoes or a handbag! Another point to remember is that your watch will last longer than your shoes.
The last point to consider before purchasing your women's watch is the style of the watch. Do you want a large face? A round dial or a square dial? Retro? Vintage? Traditional? Elegant? Classic? Black? White? Metallic? The best way to decide is to have a look at watches and take note of the styles that you are drawn to. You will probably find that these watches all have some detail in common.
Should your watch be traditional and elegant or can you be more expressive with your personal style? Is the watch for the office or for shopping? Is the watch for special occasions or playing in?
Take into consideration your budget, the purpose of the watch, and the look you are after when purchasing your watch. There is no point ending up with a sports watch if you were originally after an evening watch.
Women's watches are the ultimate fashion accessory for displaying your personal style. Prices today can be far more affordable than shoes or a handbag. Display your style on your wrist. Purchase fashionable ladies watches here!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Bracelets have been worn and treasured for thousands of years. They can accent ones wrists or arms for thousands of years.Thin bracelets such as thin bangles or delicate chains look best on petite women. Larger cuffs and wide bracelets tend to be more in proportion with an average or larger person. That said, if you fall in love with a particular style, wear it anyways as the joy you have in wearing it will show through your smile.
History Of Bracelets
Greek artifacts include bracelets, which mythology tells us has significant purposes, many of which are unknown. Greek men, however, rarely wore any jewelry other than a ring or gold wreath, seemingly for fear of seeming lady-like.
Roman history tells us that gold was added to the art of jewelry making after Roman soldiers conquered the Orient nearly 2,500 years ago. Yet at one point in Roman history, wearing too much gold was seen as an unacceptable flaunting of your available luxuries.
Though the products and methods used to create bracelets have changed through the years, it seems that people have often shown others their elevated social status, or proclaimed religious beliefs, by wearing the appropriate bracelets.
Bracelet Types
Today, the array of bracelets available is so diverse - from crafts made by children at summer camps to fine jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones.
Bracelets and cuffs have gained more attention in the last few years. Chunky ones in different materials now adorn the wrists of women, while most men prefer cord or silver bracelets. Bracelets have also enjoyed more popularity because most charities sell bracelets to support their cause, so men and women can accessorize and help out people at the same time. Rubber bracelets are used in popular causes like Livestrong and No Compromise, while silver bracelets support the HIV/AIDS foundation.
Charm Bracelets are the easiest jewelry one can own to express oneself. The wide variety of charms available is amazing. Whether you want to show the would your pet or your favorite sport, there are charms available.
Bracelet Care
If you remember to remove your bracelets before doing activities that would get them wet such as dishes or applying makeup, they will often look nicer longer. Storing them outside of the bathroom and out of the sun is also recommended.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Watch Makers

The history of watch making is full of names from the great watch making houses. The names of the great watch makers live on with their watches as testimony to what made them great in the first place. The watch makers each have a different story to tell, how they came about, what made them great, and for some when and how they disappeared. Watch makers have continually striven to improve their product to gain a greater market share. This continual development of watches has seen the focus of the watch making industry change from one country to another country. France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the US have all played a sizeable roll at different stages in the history of watch development. This backward and forward focus has contributed to many of the names in watch making history ceasing to be.
The different history of each watch making house is the basis of most peoples interests in collecting watches. The collectors of watches keep alive the names of past watch makers and well as the current watch makers. Some of the great names in watches have specialized in certain areas of the watch market, while others have tried to cater to the full range of the market. This specialization of some houses clearly dictataes their long term progress within the industry.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

How To Choose A High Quality Bracelet

Being able to determine the value of jewelry easily can save you money and trouble. Know how to choose high quality bracelets easily and quickly. Use this knowledge to get the most for your money and avoid having problems with your jewelry.
When buying a bracelet, look at the following:
Bangles Need High Casting Quality
Bangles that are poorly cast do not last through the stress of normal wear. Look to see if the metal throughout the bangle is even and sturdy. A metal bangle should not bend easily. Bangles with poor casting often break, scratch, or wear out quickly.
Signs of good casting: Well casted bracelets are even and have no pits (caused by air bubbles during the casting process).
Ensure that an adequate amount of metal was used: The bangle should be thick enough around so it won't break or wear unevenly. Low quality bangles are often very thin and bend easily.
Bracelets with Set Gemstones Require Good Tine Settings
Gemstones bracelets with tines such as tennis bracelets need at least 6 tines for each gemstone to ensure that each gem will stay securely in the bracelet. Precious gemstones should NOT move at all in its setting.
Each tine should be evenly spaced around the gem. These tines should be strong. If the gemstone has corners (such as a marquis cut stone), the corners of the stone need to be protected.
Braceelets with tine settings should be checked yearly to be certain that any gemstones haven't become loose.
Channel Settings Should be Real
Channel settings need to be a real channel that the gemstones are placed in -- instead of an impression with a thin additional bit of metal holding the stone in place. When a real channel is used, the gemstones will not fall out under normal wear.
Stamped Metal Quality
High quality bracelets have a stamp imprinted on the inside or on the clasp showing what metal was used. These etched markings should be: 18K for 18Kt gold, 14K for 14 Kt gold, 925 for sterling silver, and 950 Pt (or 850 Pt) for platinum. 18 Kt gold is higher quality than 14Kt gold but is less durable. 24 Kt gold is too soft for normal wear. Platinum is more durable than gold and usually doesnt show any wear.
Electrolyzed or plated metal can flake off or wear off on bracelets depending on how careful you are.
Scratches on high quality bangles can be re-polished by a jeweler if needed.
High Gemstone Quality
Gemstone quality varies vastly. Find gems without imperfections and with good color is as a start. Then, look to see how well the stone is cut.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

About Concord Watches

Concord - Founded in Bienne Switzerland in 1908, Concord has continuously designed impressive watches of distinction and character. They are world renowned for pioneering the world's thinnest watch with the creation of the Concord watch, Delirium, in 1979. Concord watches continues to set new standards in the watchmaking industry, designing sophisticated and one-of-a-kind bejeweled creations as well as timepieces of unsurpassed technical complication.
Some popular Concord watch styles include
Bella PonteBenningtonCarltonDeliriumDressImpresarioLa ScalaLa TourLes PalaisMarinerSaratogaSoireeSportivoSteeplechaseVeneto And More!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bulova Watch

Graceful for Over a Century
When a company thrives on a reputation of accuracy and quality for over one hundred years, that is impressive. That the Bulova Watch Company has managed to do this while portraying an image of elegance and stylishness truly sets them apart from the rest.
Bulova Watches have been crafted with a commitment to quality, and with the most up to date technological standards available. A Bulova watch combines excellent technology with an exquisite design for a remarkable watch. Bulova is the same good quality as Rolex,Porsche Design,Richard Mille,U-Boat and Breitling.
The Bulova Benefit: A Watch for Versatility
Many successful executives use these professional timepieces to both look successful and to help keep them on the road to success.
Over the years, the Bulova watch have became known for their precise technology, and now these great watches use the latest solar power. These watches have very fine cases for their great mechanisms. These wonderful time pieces can be worn in the workplace or a formal social event.
The high quality designs and workmanship are so marvelous that Bulova watches are heirloom quality, and they are often given from one generation to the next generation with love. Other Bulova watches are great for the athletic person who requires a dependable timepiece even outdoors. Truly, something for everyone.
The Beauty of Giving a Bulova Watch
A Bulova watch is a fabulous gift for anyone on your gift list. A Bulova watch is available in a large selection of styles. Designers work to create the most beautiful watches available today on the market. There are several color schemes available as well.
The beauty and quality of these watches come in styles for all ages. A mother would love to wear a Bulova watch from any one of her children. The gift would be a statement of their love and devotion. Any mother would know that their child wanted to give the best.
A Bulova watch is the perfect gift for a devoted spouse as they would find great gratitude from her or his partner. It can be used as a way to demonstrate ones love when words don't say enough.
Beyond Beauty
The real gift in giving a Bulova Watch, to yourself or someone else, is that you are giving a gift of quality. Precision is expected in a classic watch. The style and individuality created by the Bulova craftsmen truly blends art and science that exceed expectations. The innovations on the technological end, and the aescethic beauty are the reason that Bulova watches become collector items and family heirlooms. Giving a Bulova Watch means you are giving the best.
Sweet Sayings For Your Bulova Watch Gift:
I be lova you
I love watching you beloved
A Bulova for my love
Be loved
For my Be-lova

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rolex Makes the Most Popular Watches in the World

There is no second thought to the fact that Rolex is truly a symbol of class and elegance in the global watch market. It has given the world some truly luxurious watches which continue to capture the hearts of millions of people across the globe. People feel extremely proud to own a Rolex. This goodwill has been earned over the years through innovation and supreme expertise in making every single watch. Most of the watches made by Rolex are popular and set a benchmark for others. However, one of the watches that is an example of true craftsmanship is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust was introduced in the year 1945. It was the first wristwatch to feature a date display, clearly visible with a special magnifying Cyclops lens. It is self-winding and waterproof to 100 metres/330 feet. The features that make it popular come from its process of manufacturing as described below.

The Oyster case, made from solid ingot of 18k gold or stainless steel takes around 163 detailed steps and a year long process to manufacture.

Before the movement is even installed, the case temporarily receives its crystal, crown and case back so that it can be pressure-proof tested.

A special tank called a Mariotte meter uses high-tech electronics and vacuum air pressure to test the watch at its guaranteed depth.

The movement also has to successfully pass chronometer testing; only then can it return for final assembly.

After the Oyster case passes the pressure-proof test, it is disassembled and the process of housing the movement begins. First, the movement assembly is placed inside the case and it is fitted with the screw and the winding crown. This is a vital link in the Oyster chain, as it helps to maintain the hermetic seal against moisture and dust.

The crown goes through about 35 minutely precise operations.

The case receives its crystal once the movement assembly is in place. The crystal cut from a laboratory grown synthetic sapphire is sliced, shaped and polished to perfection. It helps to protect your Oyster Rolex from scratches.

The crystal is attached to the Oyster assembly with a zytel washer and then the bezel is fitted to complete the hermetic seal.

The seal of the crystal is so designed that the excessive pressure that builds up when submerged at depth, actually increases the effectiveness of the seal.

Finally, the auto-winding Rotor mechanism is installed and tested for effectiveness.

The entire process of manufacturing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is complete only with a final round of pressure-proof testing, timing reliability testing and random durability testing. Some other popular Oyster Rolex models are Oyster Perpetual that features smoother lines and an enhanced dial and Oyster Perpetual Day-Date.

Rolex is a big brand in the world,it can provide you with the toppest quality and design watches,such as Rolex Air-King,Datejust,GMT,Yacht-Master and Submariner.Also there are some top grade watches in the world,such as Richard Mille,Bell&Ross,U-Boat,Breitling and A.Lange&Sohne.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Breitling Watch

For the Time of Your Life
Whether you are trying to beat the clock, get the most out of your time, or simply enjoy every minute you have, your watch is an important part of your life. The Breitling watch has provided professional, and everyday people with a great tool by which to run their lives for many years.
While the Breitling watches were originally devised for the needs of high precision professions, like aviation and diving, that quality is beneficial for everyone. It is comforting to know that a company whose watches are precise enough for astronuats and the military are available to everyone.
Breitling Watches: A History of Service
Leon Breitling opened his first store in 1884. There, in St-Imeir, Switzerland, he specialized in chronographs to be used by professionals and scientists. When the company grew, he moved his headquarters to Paris. His son Gaston became involved in the business. In 1914, after his father's death, Gaston took control over the company.
The first Breitling watch containing an independent chronograph push piece was sold in 1923. The company started to sell to the American Armed Forces in 1942, and also added: the Chronomat Breitling watch -- the first chronograph that displayed with a circular side rule.
The astronaut Scott Carpenter used the "Cosmonaute" Breitling wrist watch during his travels on the space shuttle Aurora 7 in 1962. Earnest Schneider aquired the Breitling watch company in 1979 after it belonged to the same family for three generations.
In 1984, The Chronomat became more popular again, and still continues to be desired by many. Breitling continues to create amazing timepieces.
A Leader in Innovation
Continuing the rich tradition of ground breaking technology and innovative design, Breitling Watches continue to lead the way in professional and personal timepieces. The aescetic beauty, as well as the century old commitment to quality, have collectors seeking out Breitling watches.
Your purchase of a Breitling watch will benefit you both in the short term for you daily use, and over time as an investment in an item of quality and dependability. The Breitling name ensures a product crafted with care, designed for precision, and certain to remain a thing of beauty. Whether as a gift, a future heirloom, or for your immediate needs, today's investment in a Breitling watch will pay you back time after time.
Breitling watches are classic.Many people like Breitling watches,also they like Rolex,Richard Mille watches,U-Boat and Bell&Ross.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Antique watch

The Tank Basculante, shows meticulous craftsmanship matched only by the luxury of every detail. Cartier adds new dimensions to one of its most celebrated creations. Polished and satin finished steel case sits inside a slightly larger carriage. Unique, invisible mechanism allows the top case to rotate 360 degrees and cover the silver Guilloche dial. Top case back is engraveable. The antique watch case is accented with Cartier signature steel screws. Granular decorated crown has a blue sapphire cabochon rests at the top of the case. Black Roman numeral hour markers with blue steel sword hands. Mechanical movement. Blue alligator strap with ardillon buckle. Case is 25mm wide, 7mm thick.
Antique watches - What features affect the cost? There are a number of factors that determine the cost of an antique watch. The movement finish, case materials, crystal type, and bracelet type are just a few.This is can be seen from the Rolex,U-Boat, Richard Mille and Chopard watches.
Specially made movements are finished with tremendous care. Steel components are polished, bridges are decorated, and very strict tests are done to ensure the high quality you'd expect in the highest quality antique watches.
Whether a pocket watch, training watch, lady or man wrist watch, the back of the case will usually tell you what it's made out of. Obviously gold-plated, gold-filled, or other precious metal finishings command the highest prices. Stainless steel is the most widely used, especially for a sports watch or dive watch, while the cheapest cases are made out of plastic or resin.
The cover of the watch dial is clear, which means a number of options exist to make it. The highest quality crystals are made of sturdy, synthetic sapphire, with mineral glass another high-quality choice. Plastics are often used in lower-end watches.
The bracelet type, or strap of the antique watch comes in a variety of materials. Plastic and rubber is usually used in lower-end watches or sporty watches, while leather or metal bracelets are used for higher-end watches. Leather varies in price, depending what kind of exotic skin it may be. Similarly, metal prices vary, depending on the type, from stainless steel, to titanium.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best sport watch styles for men

A good man's sport watch,such as Rolex 2008 New Model, Chopard replica,and Rado watches need to be able to stand up to a little wear and tear. If you are buying one as a gift, it helps to know what kind of sports of hobbies the man enjoys. If the recipient plans to wear it deep sea diving, plan on shelling out a few clams. With the more basic features, a good solid sports watch can be found for a reasonable price.
Look for something bulky with a big face. A sport watch should be water resistant even if the only thing it may ever come in contact with is the garden hose. If the band is leather and/or thin, stay away. Make sure the watch you buy has a limited warranty and doesn't need to be repaired at dealer jeweler unless you know your recipient has one in his area. Here are my favorites for under (or close to) $100:
1. The Casio G-Shock Tidegraph - This watch will time the tides. It keeps time in 28 cities in case the surf isn't up at home. It has an 3 daily alarms, one snooze alarm, an autocalender, and a stopwatch. The best feature though is the shock resistance. When this watch gets whapped by an errant surfboard it keeps on groovin. It has, after all, been billed as the "world's toughest watch".
2. The Timex Triathlon 42 Lap Combo Dual Tech - A classic sports watch that keeps getting better. This is a multifunction model that has a 24-hour chronograph with lap or split option. It has 3 interval timers, two alarm settings and two time zones. The best part is that this watch will go analog with the flip of a switch. This Triathlon has a metallic silver bezel in a stainless steel case which looks good in the boardroom as well as the gym.
4. The Nike Triax Swift - This watch, which comes in a wide variety of colors and materials, will get noticed. It is a bit reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting with it's funky asymmetrical design. The watch case forms an "S" shape around the wrist for comfort. The watch has three subdials for days of the week. Who says a sports watch can't be art?
3. The Luminox 3000 Navy Seal Dial Watch - This watch is tested by the military and supplied to Navy Seals. It features a very cool yellow dial, black dive strap with a stainless steel buckle and quartz movement. The unidirectional ratcheted bezel featuring a taser dot will help him find his way. This Lumuniox is water resistance to 660 feet with a 4 year battery life. It has everything but a shark alarm.
Except the watches below,there are also many many good big dial watch: Rolex Daytona,Rolex Submariner,Rolex Sea-Dweller,Rolex Day-Date,Rolex Yachtmaster,U-BOAT watches, Richard Mile replicas and Buberry.
Even if the man you are shopping for is a closet couch potato, he can look like an athlete in any one of these hot sport watches.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casio Watch

Light Years Ahead
Watches are one of the most basic tools in our lives today. Casio watches have provided reliability teamed with cutting edge technology for over a generation. Whatever your hobbies, lifestyle or needs, it is likely that a Casio watch has played a role in it over the last 30 years. That is because when you choose a Casio watch, you are choosing to make a statement. Take a look at the ways that Casio Watches have kept up with technology, forged ahead with creative solutions, and contributed to society since their inception.
Innovation and Enthusiasm
The Japan based Casio company, branched out from the calculator industry in 1974 to create electronic watches beginning with the Casiotron electronic wristwatch. Being the first electronic watches to calculate leap year and display seconds, it was extremely successful. Casio continued their inovations by developing a popular shock-proof Casio watch and a successful watch allowing one to store and recall telephone numbers in the early 1980's.
More developments have continued over the years. The BM-100WJ Casio watch was released in 1989 to include unique weather prediction sensors. A decade later, the Satellite NAVI was introduced, the first GPS watch used for outdoor activities including fishing, boating, and hiking. In 2000, the Casio watch started to be available with a digital camera.
Today: Casio Watches Forge Ahead
Casio watches are not for people who are afraid of change. They are perfect for gadget lovers. The Casio Watch Company manufactures smart, unique watches that offer functionality that is hard to find elsewhere. These features guarantee that your Casio Watch will provide a useful and enjoyable tool.
Casio products are sold at respected dealers all over the world. Casio Watches come with a certificate of origin and a warranty from the company with the dealer stamp on it. Buying a Casio Watch is an investment in a highly technical gadget with sophistication. Ask anyone who is up on the latest gadgets, and they will tell you, that a watch should be more than just a timepiece. A Casio Watch will provide you with the functions you need and the ability to live your life the way you want.
Sweet Sayings to go with your Casio Watch Gift:
For my favorite techie
Watch out, you're the best
I love my favorite gadget lover
I rest my case

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oris Watch

Oris Watches: A Legend in the Making
While you have heard of the Oris watch, most people are unaware of the history behind this mammoth of the timekeeping industry. Created with a focus on innovation and function, the Oris watch has continually evolved and kept up with the needs of society. Oris watches combine unique artistry and design to make their practical watches stylish and fashionable enough to be on the wish lists of everyone from celebrities, to professionals and musicians.
Precision and Ingenuity
Starting in 1904, this innovative watch manufacturer was opened in Switzerland by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. In 1925, they started their own electroplating factory. The Oris watch was definitely growing. In 1938, the legendary pointer calendar watch started to be made. This particular Oris watch style was so popular, it is still featured in many catalogs and on the internet today.
By 1950, Cattin and Christian had built a solid reputation for high quality alarm clocks. The company brandished a clock that only needed to be wound every eight days. Many of these Oris alarm clocks are still being used today. Cattin and Christian focused on reliability and practicality.
Oris watches are mechanical watches rather than more common quartz movement watches. In 1988, the first mechanical alarm wrist watch was introduced in limited edition. Oris are very stylish. To commemorate their ninetieth anniversary, Oris released unique watches: ninety gorgeous watches made of 18-carat rose gold, every one being individually numbered.
Silver Screen & Music Legends
Oris is famous for more than the great workings of their watches and clocks. The stars are wearing these classically beautiful Oris watches in movies, and looking even better for it: Harrison Ford in "Random Hearts", Tommy Lee Jones in "Batman Forever", Keanu Reeves in "Constantine", Nicolas Cage in "Eight Millimeter", Matthew McConaughey in "A Time To Kill", Julianne Moore in "Magnolia", Meg Ryan in "Kate and Leopold", and Gwyneth Paltrow in "Bounce" are just some of the many examples.
More than movie stars love Oris watches. Some of music's greatest performers have inspired a line of Jazz-themed watches. Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, McCoy Tynor, Lionel Hampton, and John McLaughlin have all made extraordinary contributions to music. Now, each one of them is honored with a signature design in the Limited Edition Oris Jazz Series.
A Solid Investment
When you purchase an Oris watch you are making an investment in a company with a history of dependability and quality. More than a mere timekeeping device, your Oris watch is a statement of who you are and what is important to you. The Oris watch you choose to wear will help you keep your commitments and portray the image you desire for years to come.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Benefits Of Having A Good Watch?

Good Old Watch
In a world where time is money, the watch is bound to be one of the most important things that you can have. As spent away time is the only thing which can?t be brought back, there is nothing like the good old watch to remind you to spend your time usefully. A watch is needed for you to be punctual, it helps you out in your daily activities, it is of immense importance in your life, and it is a fashion statement.
Evolution Of Watches
Right from the time of sand clocks to the time of digital watches, man has always had an urge to pace against the time and the watch has served him in many ways. From the time where people had to guess timings, now you have atomic clocks, which show the exact time in different parts of the world.
What Is All The Fuss About?
Watches are of great importance in anyone’s life, and you have some unarguable facts which make it one of the greatest inventions in history.
· Uses
· Features
· Varieties of mechanisms
· Looks
It has always been there for you, and it has served you loyally. There are some indomitable uses that make these watches stay there forever.
· It is the only way for you to be punctual.
· Though there are lots of devices like computers and digital diaries which show time, there is one specialty which makes the watch the most preferred one. It is there in the most easily accessible place; your wrist.
· They come with lots and lots of features.
· They come with lots of mechanisms from which you can pick the one which suits you the most.
· They can be used as a flashy fashion statement.
The watch is no more a mere time-showing instrument. It has crossed various boundaries and now it comes with lots of unbelievable features that you need to treat it like a techno gadget. Some of the most famous features are:
· They come with calendars.
· They come with chronograph that enables you to record any event?s timings.
· You can watch not only your country?s time, but also the international time and different time zones.
· They can be water resistant.
· They can be shock resistant.
· Some of them are solar powered.
· You can even measure speed with the help of a Tachymeter.
· They come with extremely good looking bracelets.
Varieties Of Mechanisms:
Watches come with a huge number of mechanisms which facilitate you the most comfortable experience. Some of the most popular mechanisms are:
· Analogue clocks which are mechanical and display the time through hour and second hands.
· Digital clocks which work electronically and show the time digitally in hours, minutes, and seconds.
· Anidigi watches which have both the numeric elements and also the digital display.
· Auto mechanical watches which are automatic and have a mechanical working style.
· Manual mechanical watches where you have to wind your watch daily.
Watches make a dashing fashion statement with their grand looks. Some of the unique things about watch as a fashion prop are:
· You have a multitude of colors which suit almost any dress that you have.
· You have watches for different occasions and moods; right from corporate meetings to casual parties.
· You have watches made of different materials like gold, silver, metal, plastic, titanium and lots of other things.
· You can choose a watch with a chain, leather strap, bracelet, plastic strap and much more.
· They come with flashy features which make them a high-tech gadget that you would like to carry around to make a statement.
Top Brands:
You have a number of top brands available with an even bigger number of varieties. Citizen, Rado, Rolex, Timex, Omega, Seiko, Fossil, Cartier, Tissot, Movado? and the list doesn?t seem to end at all. All these watches are world famous and they have some of the greatest features that make all these watches a must-buy.
Maintenance Of Your Watch:
Maintenance plays a vital role in the life of your watch. No matter how good your watch is, the way you maintain it plays a large part in its efficiency. There are lots of maintenance tips for different varieties of watches. We have a list of do?s and don?ts in this website for your use.
So, it’s time to care about your time and don’t hesitate to take a look at our links. You have everything that you would like to know about watches and even more. So, get ready and take the tour, because the time is ticking

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