Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Croton Watch

American Quality Watches
Founded in 1871, the Croton watch company is a family owned business which has built a reputation based on high quality, unique style and unsurpassed standards of excellence. Still thriving since it's birth in New Jersey, the Croton Company has stuck to their commitment to provide wearers with a watch they can dispay and use with pride.
All for One and One for All
Commited to providing a watch to all people, Croton Watches are made available in every different price range. Whether you are a struggling college student just starting out, or a professional looking to make the right impression, there is a Croton watch designed with you in min. Croton provides a large range of products starting with the simple quartz movement pieces to the elegant chronograph works of art with unbelievable craftsmanship and service. You don't need to spend several hundred dollars to purchase a quality Croton watch.
His Croton Watch/ Her Croton Watch
There are several reasons to purchase a Croton watch, you can discover something for all occasions and each person. Need a gift that is fancy and extra shiny? From the Gala Collection comes a dazzling watch: 48 sparkling diamonds, bright 14-carat gold, shining mother of pearl dial, and precise Swiss movement.
There are mens watches for all presonalities -- glamourous, sporty, classy, and sophisticated. For practical and glamorous, you may want to consider the Elite Collection. It includes an impressive 18-carat gold timepiece with diamond markers that impresses even the stuffiest manager at a business dinner. For a totally sparkling look, 200 tiny diamonds adorn the face of the illustrious Croton watch in the Gala Collection. An added bonus is that it is also water-resistant up to 100 feet deep. That is great news for swimming pool owners.
Choices and More Choices
As Croton watches have become more than mere timepieces, Croton Watch customers have inspired the company to provide ways to enhance and protect their investment. Croton Watch Collector boxes provide a way to keep your classic timepiece safe, and on display when not in use. The watch winder is an innovative devise directly inspired by Croton Watch customers. Because automatic movements are constantly being energized by the movements of ones wrist, your watch may slow down while sitting unused on your dresser or night stand. A watch winder allows your watch to be ready for you to wear at a moments notice.
This history of innovation, American quality and reliabilty is why the Croton Watch Company continues to be the American standard in Watch excellence. Americans like to have choices, and Croton Watches provide that selection and an uncompromising standard of quality.
Sayings to go with your Croton Watch Gift:
An elegant gift for a sophistocated gentleman.
A Croton for when you have a boat
No time like the present.
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