Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Fix A Broken Watch

We come to depend on timepieces such as watches to get to places on time. Though cell phones are popular and have the time, watches are still a mainstay in our lives. We appreciate being on time as well as meeting deadlines and watches enable us to do so easier. Hence, fixing a broken watch is often a priority if your watch breaks.

When our favorite watch stops working, we want it repaired now. Whether it is broken because it was dropped, gotten wet, strap broke or battery ran out, knowing the fundalmentals of fixing it helps move on our life that much faster and more easily.

When your watch battery goes dead, you can often just buy a watch battery and follow the instructions that came with the watch on how to replace it. Occassionally, an authorized dealer needs to replace a watch battery especially for waterproof watches.

Things to Know About Your Watch
Watch Brand - If you own an expensive brand watch, please take it to the appropraite authorized dealer of that brand rather than a generic watch repair store. This is beacuase most designer brands have their own parts, and if you have a non-authorized dealer open the watch rather than an authorized one, your watch guarantee may be revoked and the work may not the quality you deserve.
Gemstones - If you have a watch that has precious gems set in its watch face you should have it reapired by a jeweler or watch repair store to ensure that the gems will not be damaged. If your watch is in the guarantee period, do not take it to a general watch repair store but only the store that you brought it from. Having your watch repaired by anyone other than the authorized dealer will cause you to loose the guarantee for the watch.
Inexpensive - Inexpensive watches ($20 or less) are often built so they are unable to be repaired. These watches are created for a one-time use, and then you need to replace them and buy another. Therefore, if you bring them to a watch repair store, don't pay a large amount of money. It is more cost effective to simply buy a new watch.
Watch Maintence (How to Prevent Your Watch from Breaking!)
Here are easy steps to prevent problems with a watch:
Always make sure your watch is on securely
Service watches every year (it helps to time it w/ an important event like a birthday or anniversary)
Do not sleep with your watch
Do not drop your watch
Don't swim, wash dishes, or shower with your watch if it is not waterproof.
Wear and store watches separately from magnetic bracelets

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