Friday, February 13, 2009

Learn How to Choose a Pilot Watch

Swiss watch manufacturing is renowned throughout the world for its class, superior craftsmanship, and intelligent designs, and nowhere is this better shown than in their pliot watches. A pilot watch (also known as an aviator watch) is a sophisticated timepiece, which means that excellent detail and design is required in their manufacture.

They are stylish yet functional watches, which come with a chronograph function (stop clock) and a world timer, amongst other things. If you are a pilot then a pilot watch is the perfect choice. A good one will keep excellent time, have a countdown timer with an alarm (for fuel tanks), an elapsed time chronometer, and at least two time zones. When buying such watches, you should look for all the normal functions you would expect from this type of timepiece. However, you would be wise to consider watches with additional features, such as a digital timer for approaches.

Many people buy pilot watches even when they are not pilots themselves. This is because of the multiple functions and intricate design of the watches. Swiss pilot watches are always highly sought after because when it comes to making intelligent, complicated movements and mechanics, the Swiss are at the top of chart.

But what makes these watches so expensive? Aside from their function and their status level, pilot watches are often made with a certain market in mind – pilots who earn good money. This naturally pushes the prices up. It also means that many of the watches are constructed using precious metals and gems – fitting in seamlessly with the pilot’s assumed lifestyle.

No matter whether you choose a top of the line Breitling or one with only a Swiss movement, you can be happy in the knowledge that pilot watches are one of the most complex, intelligent, and desirable watches on the market today.

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