Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inexpensive Women's Watches - How to Choose them?

Women watches are an extension of a girl's identity and they serve dual purposes in that they are not only time pieces but also a fashion accessory. It has been said that most females typically own at least 4 watches. One sports watch, a couple of watches for day, and a more expensive and unusual watch for formal occasions
How to select a watch?
There are several factors to consider before purchasing your watch.
Purpose of watch:
Do you want a watch for the gym and the beach? In this case a water resistant, more practical sports watch with a sweat proof band is called for. You may also want a second hand for checking your pulse, or a stop watch for timing yourself. A second hand and minutes are immensely practical for the sports watch.
When selecting a day watch, consider what type of band you will need and whether or not the watch should be waterproof. Would you like a metallic band or leather strap? Should the strap be colored? Should the dial be colored? Do you want Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, or strokes or dots to represent the hours and minutes?
When selecting a day watch take a minute to consider what your favorite colors are and what colors you need the watch to match with. The most neutral straps are the metallics and possibly the black leather strap. Colored straps are great for adding a splash of complementary or contrasting color to your outfit.
Evening, or more formal watches, give a woman the opportunity to really lash out. Elegant, traditional, groovy, up to the minute, there are many styles for the evening to select from. Watches with jeweled bands and faces can make excellent selections for the dressed up occasion. If you prefer your outfit to shine through, choose a more demure watch. This can be achieved by selecting a smaller or sleeker style, or selecting a black or metallic style that will match the rest of your outfit perfectly.
Cost of Watch:
The amount of money you want to spend on your wrist watch will obviously determine what you will purchase. However, with watch prices starting as low as $19.90 for smart day watches, there is really no reason to not be satisfied. You will find that whatever your budget, you will be spoiled for choice. Should you spend all of your budget on the one watch or perhaps buy two watches for the price of one? This is a great way to extend the fashion accessory section of your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
We all don't feel like wearing the same watch every day. While one watch may look fantastic with the black clothes, you may want another look for your denims. The great advantage with current watch prices is that a girl can afford to have as many watches as she wants.
A great ladies watch is much less expensive than a pair of shoes or a handbag! Another point to remember is that your watch will last longer than your shoes.
The last point to consider before purchasing your women's watch is the style of the watch. Do you want a large face? A round dial or a square dial? Retro? Vintage? Traditional? Elegant? Classic? Black? White? Metallic? The best way to decide is to have a look at watches and take note of the styles that you are drawn to. You will probably find that these watches all have some detail in common.
Should your watch be traditional and elegant or can you be more expressive with your personal style? Is the watch for the office or for shopping? Is the watch for special occasions or playing in?
Take into consideration your budget, the purpose of the watch, and the look you are after when purchasing your watch. There is no point ending up with a sports watch if you were originally after an evening watch.
Women's watches are the ultimate fashion accessory for displaying your personal style. Prices today can be far more affordable than shoes or a handbag. Display your style on your wrist. Purchase fashionable ladies watches here!
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