Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Bracelets have been worn and treasured for thousands of years. They can accent ones wrists or arms for thousands of years.Thin bracelets such as thin bangles or delicate chains look best on petite women. Larger cuffs and wide bracelets tend to be more in proportion with an average or larger person. That said, if you fall in love with a particular style, wear it anyways as the joy you have in wearing it will show through your smile.
History Of Bracelets
Greek artifacts include bracelets, which mythology tells us has significant purposes, many of which are unknown. Greek men, however, rarely wore any jewelry other than a ring or gold wreath, seemingly for fear of seeming lady-like.
Roman history tells us that gold was added to the art of jewelry making after Roman soldiers conquered the Orient nearly 2,500 years ago. Yet at one point in Roman history, wearing too much gold was seen as an unacceptable flaunting of your available luxuries.
Though the products and methods used to create bracelets have changed through the years, it seems that people have often shown others their elevated social status, or proclaimed religious beliefs, by wearing the appropriate bracelets.
Bracelet Types
Today, the array of bracelets available is so diverse - from crafts made by children at summer camps to fine jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones.
Bracelets and cuffs have gained more attention in the last few years. Chunky ones in different materials now adorn the wrists of women, while most men prefer cord or silver bracelets. Bracelets have also enjoyed more popularity because most charities sell bracelets to support their cause, so men and women can accessorize and help out people at the same time. Rubber bracelets are used in popular causes like Livestrong and No Compromise, while silver bracelets support the HIV/AIDS foundation.
Charm Bracelets are the easiest jewelry one can own to express oneself. The wide variety of charms available is amazing. Whether you want to show the would your pet or your favorite sport, there are charms available.
Bracelet Care
If you remember to remove your bracelets before doing activities that would get them wet such as dishes or applying makeup, they will often look nicer longer. Storing them outside of the bathroom and out of the sun is also recommended.
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