Friday, March 20, 2009

Boccia Titanium Watches

All components of the Boccia collection of watches is made of pure titanium,in the market,some of other watches are also made of titanium,such as the Rolex replica watches and Omega replica watches.
Hypoallergenic and nickel-free metal , 30 % stronger and 50% lighter than steel, and up to 5 times as expensive. Titanium is perspiration and corrosion resistant, especially salt water, which makes it well suited for diver's watches. The Boccia watch line is the only all titanium watch line in the world. It makes this impressive range of jewellery and watches pleasant to wear and friendly to the skin even if you suffer from nickel or steel allergy.
Boccia titanium women and men watches:
1-Are designed by a top team of Europeans designer from Italy, Spain, Denmark,..
2-Use top of the range Japanese quartz movements or Swiss when indicated. Straps are made of leather or titanium as appropriate.
3-Are water resistant to a minimum depth of 3 bar or 30 meters. The resistance is indicated at the back of the watch. Sports watches and chronographs are water resistant to a minimum depth of 10 Bar.
4-Use mineral glass except the Outside range which use sapphire glass.
5-Carry a two-year Boccia Watch International Guarantee and each watch come complete with Boccia presentation gift case. (Boccia" has a soft "cc" and is pronounced "Boshia")
If you want to buy a good quality titanium watches,Boccia is a good choice,at the same time,you can also choose the replica watches,such as Rolex Daytona replica watches,Rolex Yacht-Master replicas,Rolex Datejust replicas,Richard Mille replica,Porsche Design replica,Zenith replica and Bell&Ross replicas.


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