Monday, March 9, 2009

Breitling Watch

For the Time of Your Life
Whether you are trying to beat the clock, get the most out of your time, or simply enjoy every minute you have, your watch is an important part of your life. The Breitling watch has provided professional, and everyday people with a great tool by which to run their lives for many years.
While the Breitling watches were originally devised for the needs of high precision professions, like aviation and diving, that quality is beneficial for everyone. It is comforting to know that a company whose watches are precise enough for astronuats and the military are available to everyone.
Breitling Watches: A History of Service
Leon Breitling opened his first store in 1884. There, in St-Imeir, Switzerland, he specialized in chronographs to be used by professionals and scientists. When the company grew, he moved his headquarters to Paris. His son Gaston became involved in the business. In 1914, after his father's death, Gaston took control over the company.
The first Breitling watch containing an independent chronograph push piece was sold in 1923. The company started to sell to the American Armed Forces in 1942, and also added: the Chronomat Breitling watch -- the first chronograph that displayed with a circular side rule.
The astronaut Scott Carpenter used the "Cosmonaute" Breitling wrist watch during his travels on the space shuttle Aurora 7 in 1962. Earnest Schneider aquired the Breitling watch company in 1979 after it belonged to the same family for three generations.
In 1984, The Chronomat became more popular again, and still continues to be desired by many. Breitling continues to create amazing timepieces.
A Leader in Innovation
Continuing the rich tradition of ground breaking technology and innovative design, Breitling Watches continue to lead the way in professional and personal timepieces. The aescetic beauty, as well as the century old commitment to quality, have collectors seeking out Breitling watches.
Your purchase of a Breitling watch will benefit you both in the short term for you daily use, and over time as an investment in an item of quality and dependability. The Breitling name ensures a product crafted with care, designed for precision, and certain to remain a thing of beauty. Whether as a gift, a future heirloom, or for your immediate needs, today's investment in a Breitling watch will pay you back time after time.
Breitling watches are classic.Many people like Breitling watches,also they like Rolex,Richard Mille watches,U-Boat and Bell&Ross.


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