Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casio Watch

Light Years Ahead
Watches are one of the most basic tools in our lives today. Casio watches have provided reliability teamed with cutting edge technology for over a generation. Whatever your hobbies, lifestyle or needs, it is likely that a Casio watch has played a role in it over the last 30 years. That is because when you choose a Casio watch, you are choosing to make a statement. Take a look at the ways that Casio Watches have kept up with technology, forged ahead with creative solutions, and contributed to society since their inception.
Innovation and Enthusiasm
The Japan based Casio company, branched out from the calculator industry in 1974 to create electronic watches beginning with the Casiotron electronic wristwatch. Being the first electronic watches to calculate leap year and display seconds, it was extremely successful. Casio continued their inovations by developing a popular shock-proof Casio watch and a successful watch allowing one to store and recall telephone numbers in the early 1980's.
More developments have continued over the years. The BM-100WJ Casio watch was released in 1989 to include unique weather prediction sensors. A decade later, the Satellite NAVI was introduced, the first GPS watch used for outdoor activities including fishing, boating, and hiking. In 2000, the Casio watch started to be available with a digital camera.
Today: Casio Watches Forge Ahead
Casio watches are not for people who are afraid of change. They are perfect for gadget lovers. The Casio Watch Company manufactures smart, unique watches that offer functionality that is hard to find elsewhere. These features guarantee that your Casio Watch will provide a useful and enjoyable tool.
Casio products are sold at respected dealers all over the world. Casio Watches come with a certificate of origin and a warranty from the company with the dealer stamp on it. Buying a Casio Watch is an investment in a highly technical gadget with sophistication. Ask anyone who is up on the latest gadgets, and they will tell you, that a watch should be more than just a timepiece. A Casio Watch will provide you with the functions you need and the ability to live your life the way you want.
Sweet Sayings to go with your Casio Watch Gift:
For my favorite techie
Watch out, you're the best
I love my favorite gadget lover
I rest my case

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