Friday, November 28, 2008

Repeater Watches and Clock Watches

Repeaters are those watches with an attachment added that will sound the time at the wish of the user. The repeating mechanism is operated by either a slide, plunger or button in the case of the watch.

There are basically five types of repeating mechanisms, some more common than others:

Quarter Repeaters

The quarter repeater strikes the previous hour and quarter hour.

Half-Quarter Repeaters

These strike the hours, followed by the quarters also an additional single blow to denote the passing of an additional 7 1/2 minutes. These type of repeaters are uncommon.

Five-Minute Repeaters

Five-Minute repeaters fall into two types. One system is similar to the half-quarter repeater but follows the 1/4 "ting-tang" by a single higher - pitched strike for each 5 minute interval elapsed since the last quarter. The other system strikes the hours on a deep gong and follows this with a single higher note for each five minutes period after the hour, omitting a 1/4 striking.

Minute Repeaters

The most complicated of the repeater is similar to quarter - repeater with the addition of the minutes. The minute repeater strikes the last recorded hour, quarter and minutes. Clock WatchesThe clock watch is essentially a repeater with the features of a striking clock.

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