Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Omega’s <> ad wins prestigious awards

OMEGA was one of the big winners at the second annual Watchmaking Campaigns of the Year for 2008 as its advertisement featuring brand ambassador George Clooney won two awards: the Public Prize (Prix de la campagne horlogère [attribué par le public]) and Special Mention from the Jury in the category of humour (Mention spéciale du Jury – Mention clin d’œil).
The advertisement, with its now-famous image of George Clooney wearing a watchmaker’s loupe and a white lab coat, features the headline “Watchmakers Wanted” and a text patterned after a typical watch industry job posting.The prizes were announced at the prestigious “The Watch of the Year” Awards Ceremony in Geneva. More than five hundred personalities from the worlds of horology and communications were on hand; OMEGA was the only company to win multiple awards for an advertising campaign.

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