Friday, November 21, 2008

Chocolate Watch from Omega

Switzerland is really a great country! It's famous all over the world by its good and reliable banks, tasty chocolate, beautiful mountains and various sorts of cheese.

For Swiss people chocolate is an object of cult and national proud. Swiss not only love, they adore chocolate! Also Switzerland has always been famous for its watch productions. Swiss watches mechanism accuracy has been proved by centuries.

Most probably Omega watch-makers were inspired by amazing chocolate favor because in 2006 they created a really very original thing - Chocolate Watch.

This wonderful novelty is called the Omega De Ville Chocolate watch. It has chocolate-brown strap, the case measures 35mm and it also has pinkish mother-of-pearl counters. And what is absolutely amazing the bezel is embellished with 42 diamonds!

Brown-look Omega De Ville Chocolate watch with diamonds are not only unbelievably beautiful but very qualitative and accurate! It's a 100% per cent luxury thing for the most beautiful women who are aware of their worth!

The ladies Omega De Ville Chocolate is a real work of art! This original watch is incarnation of Switzerland on a tender female wrist!

A man can present the charming Omega De Ville Chocolate watch to his Woman as a symbol of eternal love, unlimited respect and worship of her beauty. Men, give your woman a chance to feel special and unique!

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