Saturday, November 22, 2008

The New Playboy Watch Line From Jacob Co

It is quite obvious that the most remarkable mechanical creations are designed in Switzerland. Swiss watchmaking industry includes various brands which each year introduce their new, improved, exclusive and simply marvelous timepieces. Making partnerships with companies from other industries the watchmakers are able to create special edition watches designed for special events.

This is the case of a famous Swiss brand entitled Jacob Co. Having an agreement with Playboy the company launched a special edition watch line which includes the Five Time Zone watches for both men and women. For the past two decades the well-know jeweler Jacob Arabo designed various masterpieces for many celebrities all over the globe. The representatives of the world of show business where quite often spotted wearing Jacob Arabo timepieces or jewelry.

When launching the special edition line of watches, the founder of the company stated that he is very excited about the partnership with one of the most famous brands in the United States, Playboy. This collaboration is very important for Jacob Co since it brings the timepieces of the company to a new level.

Jacob Arabo also outlined the fact that his new creations pay homage to the iconic spirit of the famous Playboy. He noticed that the spirit of Playboy crosses all boarders. The demographic and psychographic boarders of Playboy are crossed just like the cross section of the world's luxury market appealed by Jacob Co.

The luxury timepieces from Jacob Co complement the aspirations of the Playboy style. These watches are embellished with various precious stones and each one of them has its own certificate that states its authenticity. There are three versions of watches from the Playboy line.

One style is represented by a geometric-shaped display of the company's famous Five Time Zone model and the other two designs from the Playboy line include a Playboy logo, which is a Rabbit Head, in pink or black diamonds, situated on the dial.

This special line of watches from Jacob Co is available at authorized Jacob Co retailers and also at the Playboy Concept Boutique at The Forum. Stay focused on what is new in the world of watches because you never know what it is to come.

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