Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Introduction to the Rolex Submariner

New to Rolex? In the world of watches Rolex is the equivalent of Rolls Royce. No matter how much you look around this brand has managed to achieve an almost mythical status. All the Rolex watches are made with a flawless quality and their designs have become classics. The Rolex Submariner watches make no exception. The design is very elegant and classy, while the high tech elements are closely disguised in one of the most refined watches ever made by the Swiss company.
Buyers of SubmarinerTypically Rolex targets very specific markets when developing a design. The average buyer of a Rolex Submariner watch is most likely to have an above average income and keen interest to water sports. This very specific market segment also means that the watch itself is adapted in functionality for these very specific needs.
FunctionsThe functional element that is the most adapted to this sort of lifestyle is the waterproof capability. Rolex took the challenge seriously and delivered one of the best waterproof systems to date. The Rolex Submariner watch won’t reveal this hidden perk as the design and the opulent usage of gold will most likely attract the views. This is part of the Rolex philosophy I guess. Delivering flawless functionality inside a jewel.
Beside the added functionality specific to the Rolex Submariner watch there are also other features typically found in a Rolex. The magnifying bubble for the date is there with the same 2.5X zoom which makes replicating a Rolex so difficult. The chronometer, another typical trademark of the Rolex design is also there. Finally the sapphire glass, the one that gave Rolex the reputation of the most scratch resistant watches in existence is also there.
Rolex has always managed to create watches in a consistent manner, while still having the time to innovate and create unique timepieces. What stands apart at the Rolex Submariner watches is the very design and the colors used. The bracelet is made of gold and stainless steel, while the dial has a deep blue and gold plated hands.
The design of the Rolex Submariner watches is far from minimalist. The watch has 3 hands and is designed to accurately show the time. Using these features comes as a natural part for the busy individual on a trip on his yacht. Of course this is just an example. Rolex always frowned upon the elimination of some the hands, as a watch must do more than show the time, it must show it accurately.
Obviously this watch is a dual purpose watch. It can very well be worn on those adrenaline full adventures and also during business meetings or evening events. It does not bother to separate these two apparently opposite worlds, but rather take the best of both of them.
The attitude behind the Rolex Submariner watches doesn’t exactly match the image of the perfect business man of our times. It is more the image of the 90’s. This is perhaps the reason for which the production of this model has been discontinued. Fashion changes and so does Rolex.

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