Thursday, April 23, 2009


Some watches have a screw-in crown,such as Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches.A Screw-in crown will lock into the case of the watch when you turn the crown clockwise toward the watch case.It will tighten when it is screwed tight. Most Rolex watches use Screw-in crown. When you want to wind your watch, you have to un-lock the crown by turning the button anti-clockwise until you see the crown comes out of the watch a little bit, about 1.0 to 1.5 mm. Do not force the crown to come out cause it will easily break the stem link with the watch. When the crown comes out, you can then wind it, adjust time, date, day just like other watches.To lock it, slowly turn it and push it toward the watch until it is locked tight. NO need to apply extra force after it is tight! For most other non screw-in crown watches, you just wind it, adjust time, date, day without the need to un-screw the crown.
No matter the watch has a screw-in crown or not,if it is Chopard replica,Cartier replica,Chanel replica,Corum replica,Franck Muller replica,Graham replica,Longines replica,Tudor replica,Romain Jerome replica and Tag Heuer replica,you will find they are also very good.


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