Monday, April 20, 2009

set the time

Any special considerations when setting the time and date?
OK, well firstly a watch equipped with a date feature will normally have three positions for the crown: in, pulled out one click (for date setting) and pulled out two clicks (for time setting). Simple enough. Two main tips here really. Firstly, when setting the time wind the hands slowly if possible, don't overdo it in the speed department - the simple reason for this is that doing so very quickly can cause premature wear to the components upon which the hands ride. Relatively slowly and gently is fine and preferably in a clockwise direction. Don't adjust the time backwards through midnight unless a watch specifically allows this. Secondly, when using the rapid date advance feature AKA the quickset feature, as a general rule avoid doing so between 8.00pm and say 4.00am - serious damage can be caused to the date mechanism if this advice isn't heeded. If the watch has stopped then make sure you set the time once through midnight and well into the safe zone before quicksetting the date..
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