Friday, April 24, 2009


GMT means Dual Time Zone and it usually use a 24-hour clock instead of a 12-hour clock we normally use. GMT can be set with two time zones. A local minute-hour hand time and a GMT (sometimes red) arrow second time zone.You can find some watches have the GMT time zone,such as Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches.
To adjust time, please follow the instructions below:
1. Unwind the crown anti-clockwise softly and slowly until it loosen up. There are two steps of pulling out the button stem. Do not exert too much force here and please make sure you do it lightly and carefully,as too much force will do harm to your beloved watches,such as Chopard replica,Cartier replica,Chanel replica,Corum replica,Franck Muller replica,Graham replica,Longines replica,Tudor replica,Romain Jerome replica and Tag Heuer replica.
2. STEP ONE is for setting the GMT second time zone. STEP TWO is for setting the local time. Pull one-step out is to set GMT and date by winding the button clockwise and anticlockwise respectively. Pull one more step is for setting local time. Pushing the crown inward one step will bring it back to GMT setting. Pushing it two steps will bring it back to normal position and you can wind it back clockwise while pushing it back softly to secure the crown onto the watchcase.
3. Set local time FIRST and then GMT SECOND time zone. When you set local time, GMT time will also be changed at the same time.

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