Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Measure Watch Band?

The easiest way to measure your watch band is to simply check the inside of your old band. Most straps have the sizes imprinted on the inside of the band,for example: Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches.Secondly, you can measure the band itself. Remove watch strap and measure the width of the top of the watch band. This is the side of the band that attaches to the case.Lastly, you can measure the distance between the watch case itself (lug to lug).Most watch bands are measured in millimeter sizes. Use a ruler or a metric (mm) units to measures the band or the distance between the case or lugs of the watch. If you are measuring in inches please use the conversion chart below to find the size of your band in millimeters.
Measure the width between the extended parts of the case in mm.
Size Conversion Chart
Inches Millimeters
5/16 8mm
11/32 9mm
3/8 10mm
7/16 11mm
15/32 12mm
1 /2 13mm
9/16 14mm
19/32 15mm
5/8 16mm
21/32 17mm
11/16 18mm
3/4 19mm
25/32 20mm
13/16 21mm
7/8 22mm
15/16 24mm
1 26mm
What is a long or short watch strap?
Sizes 6mm to 15mm are Ladies lengths. 16mm and up are men’s lenghts
To get the length of the band, measure the watch band, excluding the buckle.
Chart for Men’s Bands
Band Lengths Inches Millimeters
Short 6.75-7.15 177 mm
Regular 7.25-7.50 190 mm
Long 7.75-8.50 213 mm
Chart for Ladies Bands
Band Lengths Inches Millimeters
Short 6.25 in 155 mm
Regular 6.50in 165 mm
Long 7.50in 190 mm

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