Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hour Power Watches for Every Season and Every Reason

When I was a child my parents gave me a locket as a Christmas gift. I still have it, sterling silver with a Victorian design on the front, tiny and fragile. To be honest the clasp broke a few years ago and I filled it with epoxy glue to hold it closed so I could still wear it. I love that piece of jewelry. Not because it’s spectacular in it’s workmanship, obviously not because of the pictures in it. I love it because of its sentimental value and because of the spirit it was given to me in, a keepsake, a remembrance, a piece of my past to bring forward with me and send on.

Many men have pocket watches in a box or drawer somewhere hidden away from the world but held onto for the same reasons. It’s not a day-to-day functional piece of jewelry. Have you ever asked someone for the time and they pulled their pocket watch out? The simple fact is that time has marched on and the heirloom pieces of jewelry we feel sentimentality about are no longer useful or stylish and are often relegated to a box or drawer only to see the light of day during spring-cleaning.

HourPower Watches® has a contemporary piece of jewelry that addresses the sentimentality of the heirloom. With the marriage of the pocket watch and the locket they have taken both men’s and women’s heirloom jewelry into this century. From bezel to band the appointments and details of these quality timepieces are visible. What’s not visible is the secret chamber under the face of the watch. Simply lift at the tab placed at six o’clock and you will reveal a compartment with an engraving surface to hold your own heartfelt sentiments and a protected area for a photograph or a small memento.

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