Friday, January 30, 2009

Corum Bubble Watches

Corum Bubble watches made the successful brand even more famous. Why do Corum replica watches gain the hearts of more and more customers all over the world? The secret of their success lies in combining everlasting watch-making traditions originating from the 18th century with the innovative technologies and designs just born in the 21st century. Corum replicas follow the steps of the original company founded in 1955, and feature matchless designs and novel technical characteristics, highly appreciated by the brand?s faithful followers.

Corum collections have been created in the way to help every customer find a reliable timekeeping companion corresponding to one?s personal style and needs. For example, if you are a lady who would like to own a watch uniting functionality and elegance of a jewelry piece, Corum?s Romantic Collection, which presents an attractive combination of color and elegance, is sure to draw your attention. If you are passionate about sailing, the brand has created the Admiral's Cup collection in the spirit of true sailors.

The collection of Corum Bubble replica watches represents one of the most popular styles developed by the brand. The distinctive characteristic of the Bubble replica watches is a thin, domelike bubble-shaped sapphire that transforms the watch?s face in the most magnificent and advantageous way. Corum?s designers continue to create new styles to complete the line, such as the Corum Bubble Bats featuring the gothic design and the Corum Bubble Dive Bomber, reminding us of World War II. The unequalled face styles of Corum replica watches match a wide range of band styles.

The Idea of Bubble Watches

Corum Bubble watches may be rightfully described as bold in design and fashionable. You may naturally wonder how the idea of creating these timepieces was born. Bubble watches appeared due to hard efforts and creativity of Severin Wunderman, the chairman of the brand. This ?golden-touch? artist explains his inspiration for developing bubble watches by the habit to read about everything related to the field of watch-making. The Bubble was suggested by a Rolex timepiece on Professor Picard's submarine which featured a huge sapphire necessary for resisting the pressure.

The limited together with non-limited edition Bubbles have instantly become highly demanded, even among the secondary market customers, as they are completely different from anything else presented in the market place, as well as fashionable, affordable and of reliable quality.

Corum Bubbles? Variations

The Corum Bubble replica watch collection comprises a wide range of different designs, with Family, Skeleton, GMT, Bats, Night Flyer, and Casino being the most popular ones.

Every of these watches? models has its own distinctive peculiarities. For instance, the Bubble GMT?s dial features a gorgeous colorful map of the world and the second Time Zone indicated by the fourth hand with the attractive red arrow head.

The Corum Bubble Mid-Size model is for those who prefer more conservative watch-making style offering extra legibility doe to oversized luminescent hands and large hour markers.

The Bubble Bat watch is also worth being mentioned. You are sure to be fascinated by Corum?s a lacquer dial depicting two black bats on a blue moonlight background. The second hand?s shape resembles a bat?s tooth.

If you are looking for a watch not for everyday wearing but for the needs of a real swashbuckler, the Corum Bubble Privateer watch makes your dream come true. Reflecting the dark theme of the Bats watches, this model will strike your imagination with a black lacquered dial featuring a pirate?s bandana-wearing skull and two crossed swords.

Even if you are not one of those gamblers or frequent casino visitors, the Corum Casino Bubble, daringly designed like a tiny roulette table with a simulated roulette ball placed at the end of the seconds hand, will make you penetrated with the most adventurous and venturesome spirit. The watch?s owners will become the gamblers not on the casino floor but in life in general.

One of the latest innovative models added to the Bubble Collection is the Bubble Baron Samedi. It will stir your imagination with the underworld together with its dark sided figures. Baron Samedi, the god of death, stands at the crossroads where the souls of the passed away follow their way to the underworld.

Whatever model of Corum replica watches you choose, no doubt it will make you stand out from the crowd.

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