Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How often should I wind my watch?

This is a pretty common question.

If you have a "wind up" mechanical pocket or wrist watch, most should be wound daily. Even though many modern watch movements can run over 40 hours, and the famed antique "Sixty Hour Bunn" and "Sixty Hour Bunn Special" have longer main springs, they are still meant to be wound daily. A full wind can be achieved when you turn the crown until you cannot turn it with your fingers. CAUTION: Some modern watches have very delicate stems that can break if you try to wind it past its fill wind. However, it is very easy to tell when winding if it is fully wound.

If you have an "automatic" or "self winding" mechanical watch, you normally do not need to wind it at all. An automatic watch has a rotor that actually winds the watch when the watch is being worn. However, if you are not wearing the watch daily, or have a very stationary lifestyle, some folks find use of a "watch winder" to keep the watch from stopping. Also, you CAN wind most automatic watches by turning the crown as you would a wind up. The difference is that with most automatic watches you can turn the crown all you want and you cannot feel when it is wound up.

Of course, if it is a modern quartz watch, they are not wound at all. They are powered from a battery last lasts a few years. If the watch has stopped, many mall jewelers, and even department stores and pawn shops will replace your battery for $10 to $20 depending on your location and the store you are going to.

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