Saturday, December 20, 2008

History Of The Casio Watch

Casio developed its first calculator in 1957, but it was not until 1974 with the release of the Casiotron that Casio entered the watch making market. The Casiotron capable of displaying dates with automatic update for long and short months, and automatic adjustment for leap years, was a good first step into the market.

The early success was backed up with the following advancements: -
· 1978 - first wrist watch with Casio LCD released
· 1982 - Analog/digital combination watch released
· 1983 - G-shock, shock resistant wrist watch released
· 1984 - Databank wrist watch for hand written data released
· 1985 - FS-10 Ultra thin digital watch released
· 1988 - Sting Analog watch for youth market released
· 1989 - BM-100WJ digital watch with sensor for forecasting weather trends released
· 1993 - CPW-100 wrist watch with digital compass released
· 1994 - Baby-G G-shock for Women released
· 1995 - First Radio Controlled Timepiece
· 1999 - GPS- First Satellite Navigation Watch
· 2000 - Worlds First Wristwatch Digital Camera
· 2001 - First Radio Controlled Watch with a Solar Power Cell
· 2001/2002 - Casio Releases an Extensive Range of Outdoor watches - The Watch for the Mariner or Yachter, Alpinist or Treker & the Athlete with the insatiable desire to overcome challenges
· 2002 - "The G" The Ultimate G Shock Watch

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