Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips on Buying Designer Watches for Men

The increasing variety, style and sophistication of men's designer watches have often left many women confused over the decision of buying a watch that would best suit their male counterparts. Keeping with some simple advice of following intuition based on your knowledge of your man, here is a girl's guide to buying designer watches for men.
What kind of personality does he have? Is he bold, reserved, shy etc? What kind of colours and styles does he prefer? Flashy and extravagant or subdued yet classic…. Does he go for the practical and smart or sleek and glossy? Is he the corporate kind or the more hip and casual variety? Is the watch going to serve a purpose that is more than just reading time? Is he gadget-oriented? Is he an avid sportsperson? Does he like water sports or is he into other more vigorous activities?
While deciding on the above mentioned elements, keep in mind the inherent differences that exist between a man and a woman. Most men like it straightforward; desire things that meet their basic needs. However, in saying that women are far better judges in accessorizing and therefore deciding which the perfect watch for a man is, may be to her advantage. This is also because a woman, more than a male has a heightened sense of fashion, she is well-versed with jewellery trends and knows what accessories go with what wardrobe. You could very well have a man wearing his sports watch for an important corporate meeting. But the woman will know better what should be worn in a boardroom vis-à-vis scuba diving.
For most women, a watch is the perfect gift when shopping for your male friend. However, there are some concerns that one should be careful about while buying a watch. These are in terms of size, colour, style, price etc.
If your man is big in stature, he will usually prefer a big sized watch as well. There are many different types of watches in the market today and buying the right one will depend on his personality as well.
In general most men go for muted colours. Bold, flashy colours are typically not preferred by the average male. Deep blues and browns are male colours.
There are all kinds of price ranges in the market today. The kind of designer items he has in his wardrobe will tend be a good indicator of how much you should spend on his watch; whether it will be a designer watch or a casual one.
Lastly, depending on what kind of fashion statement he usually likes to make, will help you to decide on how stylish the watch should be. Some classic Swiss or European brands like Cartier, Patek Philippe or Rolex are bound to impress a man accustomed to luxury and designer wear. For a man with a more causal or sporty look, perhaps a Seiko, Tag Heuer, or Dunhill are better suited.
In addition to analyzing your man and his personality, here are some strategies you might use for buying him the gift of a classic watch:
Shop the way you always shop, online or at the mall, and simply picture him as you are looking through the watches. What will look good on him?
If you are not fully conversant with his tastes, likes and dislikes, search thoroughly and pick one from your first three choices. Follow your instinct and buy him a watch that you feel will suit him the best.
Get into his mind and try to think like him. What is he looking for - a sports related watch, casual or designer watch and then decide what the most practical option would be.
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