Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Protect Your Watch

Sure you have a beautiful watch, but it will not be for long, unless you learn how to care for it. No matter if you have an expensive or inexpensive watch you still have to learn how to care for it, to make it last a long time.

1. Never put your watch on top of electronic equipment such as a television or a computer, because this could drain the battery quickly.
2. Put the surface of your watch facing upwards to prevent unwanted scratches on the watch face.
3. Know that unless your watch is water proof take your watch off when you wash your hands so water doesn't go into your watch and make the battery weak.
4. Do not drop your watch too many times because this may damage it.
5. Put your watch into the box when you are not wearing it for awhile to keep it safe.

· Buy a watch that will compliment all your outfits. Black, brown, white and more dark colors suit all colors, so it's up to you.
· Choose a watch that is suitable for you. Check that the strap and watch materials do not irritate your skin.

Avoid from spraying perfume at your watch because this can cause damage to your watch.

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