Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winding and setting a pocket watch

Winding your pocket watch
You may wind your watches (Rolex replica,Porsche Design replica,Richard Mille replica,Zenith replica,Hublot replica and Ferrari replica watches)fully every day of use. Turn the winding crown clockwise until you cannot wind further.Don't be afraid to overwind it-you cannot do this. The mainspring is made to wind up all the way once a day. Most watches will run 26-30 hours on a full winding.
Setting the time
Setting the time for most vintage pocket watches involves pulling the winding crown up and then turning the hands to the correct time, then pushing the crown down.
Key wind and set watches
Some of the older antique pocket watches use a key in order to wind the mainspring and to set the time. There are two basic types of key wind watches. One is key wind from the back, and key wind from the front at a square shaft in the center of the hands. The other basic type of key wind pocket watch, has the square key shafts on the back side of the watch, either directly on the movement, or accessable through holes in the dust cover. Usually key wind watches wind clockwise. (except in the case of chain fusee types which wind counter clockwise and E. Howard key winds.) If you are not sure about winding, check with a reputable watch dealer. It should never be hard to wind a key wind, so apply only gently pressure in the correct direction for winding.
Pin set pocket watches
There is another type of pocket watch called a pin set watch. The hands are set by pushing on a small pin or button sticking out of the case (usually near the winding crown) and then turning the winding crown to move the hands.
Lever set pocket watches
Most railroad grade pocket watches, and many more as well use a lever located on the side of the dial, under the crystal to allow the hands to move. If the winding crown does not pull up, or the hands do not move when the crown is pulled up, you may have a lever set watch.

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